General Terms

The following terms and conditions reflect the obligations of the WEBMASTER and of OpenLife when a WEBMASTER uses one of OpenLife’s publicity programs to promote OpenLife’s websites. All conditions must be adhered to, and are legally binding.
  • We allow one account per company / individual, unless more than one account is needed on request.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to have an account on OpenLife or 21 years where 18 is not the legal age of majority.
  • If we find a WEBMASTER cheating in one of his accounts on any of OpenLife’s programs, all WEBMASTER's accounts will be terminated and WEBMASTER will not be allowed back in OpenLife’s programs. All amounts earned will be voided.
  • OpenLife reserves the right to reject any application to its programs for any reasons.
  • The WEBMASTER is responsible for providing OpenLife with valid information (contact info, name, address,etc.) in his account.
  • WEBMASTER cannot promote OpenLife’s products/services using false and misleading advertisement (such as using word free when it's not), and WEBMASTER's activities must not generate complaints. All purchases and actions of the surfer must be done by free will, without receiving anything in return.
  • OpenLife does not allow promotion of its products and services throught illegal means, or on sites containing illegal material.
  • OpenLife reserves the right to close an account, or deactivate any program or subprogram in an account if not profitable. In such case, the monies made will be paid, unless there was a violation of our terms.
  • All amounts are in USD.
  • Payments are sent twice per month : on the 1st and 16th of each month. The payment covers the previous 2 weeks. No hold backs. You make money, we pay you!
  • Payments are sent within 5 days of the payout date.
  • With the exception of payments sent by wire transfers, payments are sent if minimum payout of $50 is reached. If not reached, the money are carried over until minimum payout is reached. The minimum payout for wire transfer is $250.
  • Payments can be sent by check, bank wires, Epassporte or Stormpay. The fees are the following:
  • Bank wires : $15 if amount sent is between $250 and $999, no fees for amount over $1000
  • Epassporte : $1.99 fee
  • Lost checks will be replaced for free after 30 days following the payout date. If following a webmaster's request, a check must be replaced before the 30 days, a $20 fee will be charged to void the check.
  • If you have questions regarding the payouts, you can contact accounting@openlife.com
  • Epassporte account : if you do not have an Epassporte account, one will automatically be opened when the first payout is sent and a fee of five American dollars ($5 US) will be taken from the account by Epassporte as a one time fee to open the account. Once your Epassporte account has been opened, you will receive all the information related to your account by email to the email address you have provided to OpenLife. OpenLife does not have any control over your Epassporte or access to it, so for all questions regarding your Epassporte account, you must contact Epassporte.
  • If you and/or your business are located in Canada, please click here to find out how to deal with taxes regarding your payment
  • Members of the WEBMASTER's family, friends, relatives as well as the WEBMASTER himself or anyone working with or for the WEBMASTER are not authorized to join OpenLife’s site(s) through the WEBMASTER's account.
  • The commissions paid for a specific signup by OpenLife will be deducted from the WEBMASTER's account if that signup is identified as a fraudulent transaction.
Revshare subprogram
  • Members of the WEBMASTER's family, friends, relatives as well as the WEBMASTER himself or anyone working with or for the WEBMASTER are not authorized to join OpenLife’s site(s) through the WEBMASTER's account.
  • The WEBMASTER is paid a percentage of the profits generated on OpenLife websites from his traffic, after the credits, chargebacks and processing fees have been deducted. The WEBMASTER will receive a percentage of profits generated from the WEBMASTER'S traffic as long as the surfers renew their memberships, without limitation. Profits are calculated with the following formula : Profits = Sales + Renewals - Credits - Chargebacks - Processing fees
Webmaster referral subprogram
  • The WEBMASTER cannot refer someone within his own organization or direct family , or someone that already has an account in one of our cash programs.
OTHER TERMS Free content
  • Free content is provided to promote OpenLife’s services and products. Free content can be used for that purpose only, and only for advertising online on the internet. Once the WEBMASTER has stop promoting OpenLife, or his accounts have been closed, the WEBMASTER loses all his rights to use the free content.
Email Policy (CAN SPAM ACT)
  • WEBMASTER that promotes OpenLife products and services through email marketing must comply with the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003 regardless if he's located in the USA or not.
  • WEBMASTER caught in violation of the CAN SPAM act will see his account terminated and all amounts voided.